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Welcome All art superhero

Hi folks I am an illustrator and writer. Feel free to look about the place.  Check out some of my illustrations on this site and If you want to work with me or have any questions get in touch.

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Browse some professional work I have produced for various clients including character design, children’s illustrations and comic art. 

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Check out the ‘Good Guys’ comic.  Click on the link to read a synopsis and see the cast of characters. You can buy the issues here too. 69p a downlaod! Hot bargain baby.


An action packed sit-com-ic that takes

a slide-ways swipe at societies

fame fixated failings.

Starring a wannabe and a never-was on their

quest to get rich and famous and inadvertently doom the world on the way.

Come get a preview of the first issue, order

the comics online, meet the cast and

read about theSu-Leb obsessed world of


Good Guys comic

Buy Mona's Monstas the new rip-ROAR-ing adventure book written and illustrated by

Neil Alexander full of monstrous mayhem and more!

all artwork copyright Neil Alexander