In a world…

Set to a back drop of reality TV and Super Celebrities (Su-Lebs) our wannabe heroes try to fight crime in a world devoid of villains.

When chasing your dreams becomes a nightmare of embarrasments, when  you haven’t got the skills and the world doesn’t want or need you, should you still strive for your unachievable goal?

No, probably not,

but that wont stop the 'Good Guys'

The Cast

ToyBoy super hero


32 year old desperate never-was. Still chasing his dream long after the he should have woke up, had a shit, cleaned his teeth and got a real job.

Powers: None. Seriously. Zero. Non-powered (no-po). In a world where 98% of the population has super powers  He is part of the other 2%. He makes non-lethal weapons from old toys. We are embarrassed for him.


A 21 year old powered-up wannabe. Full of power and potential but also booze and drugs. Loves all things celebrity but likes blowing things up and slacking off more.

Powers: Bio-energy manipulation. Bio-blast, Bio-quake, um probably more but he hasn’t quite figured out what he can do yet. He will do it tomorrow. Honest.

V-star superhero
Psychic PR agent


He is the boys Psychic PR Agent and Manager. Full of vim, vigour and utter shite. He gets psychic leads on crime and sends the boys off to stop the evil doers while simultaneously raising their heroic profiles. Unfortunately crime in town is almost non-existent and he isn’t a very good psychic. He can still book advertising work and *cough cough* escort jobs for the guys.

Powers: Slight psychic ability, excels in bullshit.

comic art

Good Guys is written and drawn by Neil Alexander Colour covers by

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Good Guys copyright Neil Alexander