Like most kids, Mona is scared of monsters. Unlike most kids she has one in her back yard that screams at night.

Ostracized because of her prosthetic leg and her certainty that she is being stalked by monsters, a young girl, determined to prove to her classmates that she is telling the truth, winds up joining forces with a monster-healer on a desperate journey to save them — and her hometown — from a twisted rival with dark secrets in his past.

Jump on the back a ten foot tall, hairy, scaly, Whooperus and hold on tight as you race through the wood to meet the uniquely magnificent Mona’s Monsters.

Written and drawn by Neil Alexander the book has over 20 illustrations and is available to buy on Amazon

The story delivers a message of accepting others and yourself. Touching issues about diversity, friendship, mental health, and disability through an action packed, rip-ROAR-ing adventure

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